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Quilted Packages and Contract Quilting
Quilted Packages
A complete package where we supply all the components in the quilted goods such as the top fabric (see our section that lists 60” fabrics), filler (see our section on bonded polyester fiber and other fibers) and backing.


Contract Quilting
If you have your own fabric that needs to be quilted, we have all the additional components (see our section that lists bonded polyester fiber fill & other fibers) to meet your needs.

Types of Quilting
Lock Stitch – in widths up to 130 inches wide.
Chain Stitch – in widths up to 90 inches wide.
Quality Control
All quilted materials go through a rigorous quality control process. This begins during the quilting process, in which all thread breaks or defects are flagged and then mended to repair any imperfections. Finally, we trim both the edges and visually inspect the fabric one last time and verify the yardage on the rolls.

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